Mamas and Papas Muslins- 5 Pack Mamas and Papas Muslins- 5 Pack



Muslin Squares are the perfect parenting essentials, perfect for mopping up any spills or mess during feeding, and great for laying out under baby while they start weaning. With our five pack, you're always guaranteed to have a spare ready for any eventuality. Made with 100% jersey cotton, they're super soft and gentle against your newborn's sensitive skin and the large size means they're perfect for swaddling as well, so you can wrap your little one up no problem. With a variety of designs in each pack, these parenting essentials have never looked so good.

Product Features

Made with 100% jersey cotton which won't irritate baby's skin

Large size - perfect for swaddling

Pack includes 2 printed designs and 1 solid colour design


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