Natural 10,000 Alpaca


Manufactured in the UK by a company we have been dealing with for 15years.  The Natural 10,000 Alpaca is a top end luxury mattress made with natural materials and  gives a soft - medium feel to it.  It comes topped with a warm luxury belgian viscose fabric sitting on top of Cotton and Alpaca Wool fillings supported by 10000 pocket springs.  Alpaco wool is  Durable, Fire resistant, Hypoallergenic, Luxurious, Silky, Soft, Warm and with its natural temperature regulator it will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Natural mattresses have become increasingly popular due to their health benefits for allergy sufferers and also from an Environmental perspective.

It has handles for ease of moving and vents to allow airflow.  A high specification mattress at fantastic prices.

Also available as a divan set.


Delivery is 7-10 days on this mattress to store

Local delivery available

Picture is 7000 pocket the 10,000 looks same


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